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Chicago baseball off to a slow start

In the early goings of the MLB season, many people believed the Chicago Cubs would be better than 500, a lot better, and many believed the White Sox would be hovering around 500. We’ll we were all wrong.

The Cubs are off to a much slower start then last year, much, much slower, and no one is sure why. One day they won’t be able to hit the ball and lose one to nothing, and in the next game, the starting pitcher will give up the igjt runs in the first inning and they will lose nine to seven.

The Cubs have a team batting average of 2.31. In perspective to the rest of the league, that ranks them second to last, only behind the San Diego Padres, who are currently in dead last in their division.

Now the Cubs have been able to maintain wins because of, who else, Kris Bryant. He leads the team in every hitting category except RBI’s, which Anthony Rizzo has secured. Bryant has the best batting average of .267 And an on base percentage of .399. Still the numbers aren’t quiet there, and the rest of the team needs to start hitting the ball if the Cubs want to get anywhere this season.

The White Sox on the other hand, need to get some new pitchers. There pitching is one of the worst in the league, and it’s really not getting better. After getting rid of Chris Sale, it’s all gone down hill, although it wasn’t going uphill with Sale either.

The pitching is aceraging giving up 4.27 runs per game. That ranks the White Sox at seventeenth when it comes to their earned run average. The most wins they have gotten out of a pitcher is four right now, by Miguel Gonzalez. The White Sox offense is not there yet either, but it is still scoring runs at a pretty good rate. They are averaging 4.43 runs per game, which is solid for the young offense they are.

In order for the Cubs to get back on track and have a chance to repeat as World Series champions, first off, they just need to hit. They can’t hit at all. Kyle Shwarber is getting a hit less than two out of every ten at bats. The biggest name in the world series last year is now the biggest bust this year.

Rizzo has has not been hitting the ball either, and in order for anything good to happen, the team batting average needs to go up of .250, which means the Cubs need to start hitting, and fast.

The White Sox on the other hand, are still in a rebuilding faze, and the biggest necessity is the pitching. The only issue is they only have young, solid prospects on their team for the most part, and they don’t want to give them up in a rebuilding process.

The White Sox will have to achieve this in the offseason or in the draft, but they need to bring in new arms.

And so do the Cubs. With an aging pitching staff, the Cubs need to start looking or drafting new, young ar,s that can play at a high level.

Neither team team is on the right track right now, and they both need to turn it around and fast. If they don’t, we might have another let down season of Chicago baseball.

“They just need to start hitting. The offense has not been there for us. they can’t expect to win when their best players can’t hit at all,” senior Joey Carlson said On the Chicago Cubs.

“They just need time. They will eventually start winning at higher rates when the warm summer days come around. Just give them some time,” senior Same Alonzo said on the Chicago Cubs.

“They still have a chance this year, but they need to trade or find new players in a hurry. the defense needs to improve dramatically, including the pitching, then we should start winning,” senior Will Ebert said about the White Sox.








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Chicago baseball off to a slow start