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“Castle”: The best show on the air

February 18, 2015

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I started watching "Castle" mostly because my dad liked it, and if I watched it with him I wouldn't have to go to bed at the normal time for an nine year old. Six years later, it's still going, and my family is still obsessed with it. "Castle" is in ...

Mockingjay – Part 1 plays mean

Joshua Irvine

December 15, 2014

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This film doesn't play nice, the first scene of the film is our traumatized protagonist (the ever-fantastic Jennifer Lawrence) being dragged out of a ventilation shaft after apparently awaking from a, for lack of a better comparison, Hunger Games-level nightmare. Unfortunately for us, "Mockingjay - Part 1" on...

‘Interstellar’ inspires student

Joshua Irvine

December 5, 2014

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Many films shy away from strange or unusual concepts, preferring to give it appeal over subtlety (or perhaps they're terrified of the sheer number of Reddit users poised to strike at an intelligent movie at any moment). Either...

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