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Correscopes Issue Four

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  • Libra September 23 – October 22:  This month will be one full of distractions. Try to avoid these distractions as much as possible. Be careful about what you do and what you say. Everything that you do affects people’s perceptions of you. If you start to become too tied up in the details, you won’t be engaged in the outside world. Responsibility will kick in and you will learn to be persistent. Make sure to not be more critical of yourself this month. Everybody makes mistakes but learning from these mistakes will make you a more knowledgable person. One bad grade on a math test will not hold you back. Make sure to go in for help and correct your mistakes.
  • Scorpio October 23- November 21: Good karma will be brought to you this month. All your hard work will finally pay off. Your generous attitude will benefit you in positive ways. You will finally drop the people who have negative energy. This month, you will complete tasks and focus on you school work. Your love life, on the other hand, will begin to lack communication. Be careful and try to settle your problems with your significant other. Settling your problems right away will relieve stress. Homework will be at an all time high this month. It is important that you take time away from your social life and focus on your studies.
  • Sagittarius November 22-December 21: This month you will be the social butterfly. Going to every event and talking to every person will make you more confident and benefit your future. However, you will start lacking in school work at a time where it is crucial. If you don’t keep a watchful eye, your grades will drop very quickly and will require an unavoidable amount of work to get them back up. On the 29th, you will have to make a major decision; it may seem small, but don’t take it lightly.
  • Capricorn December 22- January 19: The past couple of months have been liberating and relaxing, and this path will continue in the future. Thankfully, there will not be a lack of money in your life in the upcoming month and your income will give you a greater sense of stability and freedom. You will take out the toxic relationships from your life and you will begin to focus on creating bonds with those who make you happy and want the best for you. However, this newfound happiness may not last long, so enjoy every bit you can get.
  • Aquarius January 20- February 18: You may find that though you started the month extremely optimistic, your optimism has slowly gone away. In the middle of month you will be surrounded by friends and family; at that time you will find yourself becoming more and more negative. Remind yourself of all the good parts in your life, and you’ll soon find yourself cheering right back up. Thanksgiving break will be a much needed time for you to relax and restore that positive energy. The 24th will be one of the happiest days of the year for you.
  • Pisces February 19 -March 20: This month should be about concentrating on your own personal goals and studies. Any emotional and family any concerns can come up time to time. Your studies will bring happiness to you and your family. Using your charm and grace will help you achieve goals this month. Aggression will not solve anything. Flowing with life and accepting whatever happens is the way to go.
  • Aries March 21- April 19: Frustration will be a huge factor this month. Just remember to focus and take moments to breathe. With many assignments coming your way, make sure to perfect your time management skills. These skills will be very valuable to you in the long run. This month will be a party month for you as well. Get together with some friends and have some fun because you deserve it.
  • Taurus April 20- May 10: During this time period, home issues and emotions will be in the background. Caring about your studious goals is very important. The progression of life is about to change and enter into rapid speed so watch out. Also love is strong this month and others will be selfish about their freewill and aggression. Adapting to peoples situations is the best way.
  • Gemini May 21- June 20: This time of the month you will have achieved balance of body, mind, and soul, and at home your family will be stable. Having social grace and social skills will help you accomplish your goals. Personal issues are less significant; being flexible and keeping happiness in people’s minds is a priority. Lastly, making compromises and working with others will become necessary.
  • Cancer June 21 -July 22: Family events will be cheerful and harmonious. Family issues and emotional stages will take over school and study issues. Obtaining your objectives in life through compromise and understanding will help. Being assertive or independent is not good. You will have to adjust to society and network to be successful. There will be many social get-togethers, and you will enjoy them.
  • Leo July 23- August 22: Your true colors will come out this month. Finally, you will learn to set your personality free and be yourself. You will learn that being yourself is the most fun when it comes to meeting new people. Making compromises in your daily life will begin to occur. Making compromises will be an advantage and help you with your problem solving skills. Stick with your gut and try not to make any big changes in your life.
  • Virgo August 23- September 22: Your hard work and patience will pay off this month. Intellectual growth will be at an all time high. A spontaneous attitude will begin to appear and teach you how to hang loose. Your work ethic will rise, and you will adapt to high pressure environments. The troubles you face will prepare you for the future. Just make sure you continue to be kind to others, and everything in your life will be easier.
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Correscopes Issue Four