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Tea Time: Travel creates diverse and unique experiences

Jamie Anderluh and Lexi Wachal

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We can easily be wrapped up in a kind of culture that is un-diverse and monotonous.

Living in the bubble of the northwest suburbs, it can be easy to distance ourselves from the world around us.

But there is more to the world than the northwest suburbs. We can’t be afraid of different ways of living, different environments, or variations of culture; learning from these things makes us more well-rounded—it gives us the confidence to explore the things we don’t understand. And how do we explore these things? We travel.

By traveling, we can experience different cultures and people. Sitting on a train in Ireland may open us up to the customs popular there, even if it’s just learning about their three day Halloween festivals or amazing cuisine. Walking through a busy market in the Bahamas, we can be opened up to the struggles of living in a country fueled by tourism.

These experiences, of course, may not always be accessible to us. Money and time are valid restraints. But any kind of travel, short or far, can introduce us to different ways of living and thinking. Any decision to venture out of our comfort zones and into reality will help to eliminate barriers, to open up new practices and values. We can find new things to love and new things to study. Through learning of new people and the environments they share, we can discover the things that make us distinct; thus, we become more ourselves when we travel. And, because of this, we return with new interests and ambitions, helping to alter that monotonous suburban cultural bubble.

If travel is out of the question, it’s important to immerse ourselves in cultures in the most respectful way we can. Instead of Chipotle, go to the family owned restaurant and try an authentic dish.

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Tea Time: Travel creates diverse and unique experiences