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Correscopes Issue Three

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  • Libra September 23 – October 22: To see Libra’s Correscope, pick up your copy outside room 118!
  • Scorpio October 23- November 21: Scorpios are strong, passionate, driven students. This month, expect all that hard work to pay out in the form of good grades and a bit of a break the week of October 10th. Scorpios dealing with drama and arguments this month, but they can look forward to a change in luck and finally some calm from the storm. Scorpios’ loyalty to their friends will finally be returned and Scorpios can expect a happy, mellow October where they can chill out and enjoy fall.
  • Sagittarius November 22-December 21: This month will not be extraordinary, but it will also not be boring. It may seem like your going over the same stuff in class or facing the same problems, but a new solution will soon arise to your issues, giving you a calmer schedule. October will pass fast for you between school and work. You will spend the month building up to halloween, and it will not disappoint. Homecoming on the other hand, will bring some drama, but don’t let that ruin the night, it is not an event to be missed.
  • Capricorn December 22- January 19: This month you will be working, and only working. School work will be the most important task to get done. Second to that will be actual work. You will find yourself earning money hand over fist. Take every chance to get a shift, put some of it in savings but you will be needing most of next month for an even greater adventure. A bad grade on a test will inspire this sudden work ethic. Don’t worry to much about the actual grade, you will be able to retake it and get an even better grade. Even better, homecoming is coming is around the corner and the week will be full of fun for you!
  • Aquarius January 20- February 18: This month will become an uprising of your internal beliefs. Your emotional health will not be a strong factor this month. Your studious traits will come into play as you will start to succeed on upcoming tests and homework assignments. Look to your elders for support this month. Wisdom will be gained as well as courage. On October 13th, you will finally stick up to that one classmate who has been calling you out lately. Be strong and look for the wisdom and confidence that hides inside to defend yourself.
  • Pisces February 19 -March 20: This month, you will develop balance and harmony. Social skills will start to grow, presenting you with fun and new opportunities to take part of. Reviewing your achievements in life will be a real confidence booster. Looking back on the past will help you reflect and become a wiser person. Ambition will pour out of you this month as you strive to be a better and more professional version of yourself.
  • Aries March 21- April 19: Emphasis on family this month will help you better your relationships with family members that you haven’t seen in a while. This month is all about reconnecting with the influential people of your past and reaching out to them. Offer your help at any time necessary, for you may be helping someone who sincerely needs it. Compliments will come flowing you way, but make sure as you receive a compliment that you give one back in return.
  • Taurus April 20- May 10: This month you will be greeted with important work that you have finished. You will face fierce competition six months from your birthday but you will be able to keep on track with you dreams despite the criticism. Also a couple of challenging oppositions, you can still make big gains and succeed in your goals. You will have driving energy to win anything you need.
  • Gemini May 21- June 20: Empathy will be prominent this month. Be helpful towards others. Support your school team this month and cheer them on. Cheering on your teams will be a clear representation of how supportive you are. Dream big this month, for you dreams will soon turn into a reality. Your good judgement will be tested this month. Remember to trust your gut and don’t fall into situations where you feel pressured or uncomfortable.
  • Cancer June 21 -July 22: You will have some extra self-confidence that was left behind by last month for you too get through some tough times during this month. You have good transits to start and end the month but right in the middle you will need patience and common sense. Also raging energy will fill you but you need to control it. Coming to the second week in October six months from your birthday you will need to reassess your goals. The full moon this October 16th will emphasize a influential part of your life.
  • Leo July 23- August 22: Travel and having awareness of new things this month is very important. October is the month to improve working habits for a better position. Asking the question to yourself Are you too over qualified for your job? Can you do better? Leo’s this month are creative and has self expression. Communicating is really important this month. Turning off the phone and talking to your friends or family is vital. Make sure to take time to question that your doing the right things.
  • Virgo’s August 23- September 22: Something you want to avoid is yourself in terms of others. Don’t be caught in thinking everyone is doing great and having a great life and second guess your achievements and yourself. Mostly you are looking for peace and comfort in October, but you are attracting bad circumstances into your life. You need to get away from other peoples problems even if you are close to them. Helping people empowers you and satisfies you.
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Correscopes Issue Three