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Correscopes Issue Two

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  • Libra September 23 – October 22: You have been struggling lately wits your focusing abilities. It seems that in a classroom setting you are slowly starting to zone out. Soon you will regain focus as topics in class become more interesting to you. New and successful people will come into your life this month and motivate you to reach your goals and maintain a better lifestyle. On October 1st you will reach a point of sanity that helps you come to closure with your thoughts and opinions.
  • Scorpio October 23- November 21: This month, arguments with authority figures will be present for you. Try not to be such a hot head this month and remain calm as much as possible. Disagreements will arouse but remember to be kind while others express their opinions. Be open minded as money will roll in for you this month. On September 28th you will have a chance to prevent a terrible situation from happening so keep your eyes open.
  • Sagittarius November 22-December 21:  Your hard work and achievements will be celebrated this month. Your confidence will finally bring you some satisfaction with yourself. You will be moving forward this month with your progress in your school work. Try not to make any big decisions this month for it will bring regret back into your life. On September 30th you will realize that the best support system is yourself. value yourself this month and try not to rely on friends to always be there for you.
  • Capricorn December 22- January 19: You may find yourself feeling unwell this month. To prevent a cold your should do everything in your power to turn yourself into the healthiest person. Drink water nonstop, choose salad over pizza, and get all the natural vitamin C possible before the cold sets in. Your health may put you behind on your school work but don’t let it discourage you. Your grades will not suffer at all within this next month. Don’t forget that in-between your studying if you feel overwhelmed or sick its better to take a step back instead of getting confused. The 24th this month will bring you want you’ve needed.
  • Aries March 21- April 19: You’ve been slacking off these past few weeks. Its time to step it up and make this school year count. Its time to organize yourself and put everything back in its rightful order. Get back into your routine for last year and you will find that this year will be your most successful yet. Without a doubt this month you need to gain your focus back, everything from school work to your driving is suffering. Don’t worry about your relationships as they stand strong on their own. Your Saturdays this month will seem busy but will be worth the hard work you put in.
  • Cancer June 21 -July 22: Your keen insight will guide you towards making many positive decisions this month. Your month will be busier than you have planned for, so don’t add any unnecessary work to your load. Don’t hesitate to take a break, but make sure you stay on top of your deadlines. Embrace new experiences and new friendships as they will turn out to be highly rewarding. Stay close to your friends and keep a watchful eye on your competitors–they will be looking for a way to get to you, so just stay ahead of them. Be who you truly are and don’t put on any false pretenses to impress anyone. If you have to hide the real you in front of those people, then they aren’t the kind of people you need in your life.
  • Leo July 23- August 22: Start to pay attention to current events that are happening in society, for these events might have an affect on you or your family. Don’t fall for manipulation this month as it will occur more often than not. The passionate side of you will come out this month so don’t be afraid to share your ideas and thoughts on political matters . October 3rd will be a day for you to develop new relationships and get rid of the toxic people in your life. Be aware this month for a lot of events good and bad will happen throughout the days.
  • Gemini May 21- June 20: You have a challenging month ahead of you, but it’s nothing you can’t handle. Keep your head down, push through the obstacles, and you will be rewarded in the end. Choose your words and actions wisely this month because you will be tempted to make rash decisions and say things you don’t truly mean. Place your trust in your closest friends and family members because they are the ones who will stick by you through it all. Focus on your relationships and set time aside for those you care about. Don’t be afraid to ask for help if you need it: extra stress will only lead to negative outcomes.
  • Taurus April 20- May 210: This month has the potential to be a very stressful one, but don’t worry–you can handle whatever life throws your way if you keep a clear head and focus on yourself. Instead of getting intimidated by your daunting tasks, just remind yourself that you have the strength to get through it, and success is not far off. Be cooperative when working with others because this month focusing on group and team efforts will get you farther than focusing on your individual goals. Appreciate the good relationships in your life because they will be very valuable this month.
  • Pisces February 19 -March 20:Your school commitments may seem like there taking over your life but, it just a matter of getting use to the workload. Multitasking will continue to rule your life, but if your careful you’ll be able to handle anything and achieve everything you want. The last week of September will bring back an old friendship, and lots of laughter, this new relationship may threaten your other one. Tread carefully.
  • Aquarius January 20- February 18: During this month you will find that learning is especially exciting, the year has started and it will finally come back easily for you. Even more you will find out that what your learning now will connect to current events in the world, and it will engage you in things like politics. Your going to meet people that will have a severe impact on your life. Their similar opinions will provide a strong foundation for your friendship. Be careful though as your strong, and fast decision could lead you down a bad road. Watch out for the best parking spot you’ll get on year on October 1st.
  • To see Virgo’s ( August 23- September 22) Correscope, pick up a copy of the Correspondent outside room 118!
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Correscopes Issue Two