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Virginia waitress receives racist remarks at work

Kayleigh Padar

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This past month, a waitress received a comment on a receipt that proved prejudice still exists in our communities. Sadie Elledge is an eighteen year old working in a diner in Virginia and while she was working a couple refused to give her a tip due to her race.

During her shift she served a couple gyros and a salad. When she went to pick up the check the people had written, “we only tip citizens,” in place of a tip.

Her mother was born in Honduras and her father in Mexico, but Elledge was born here as a citizen. She’s lived her entire life in Harrisonburg, Virginia.

Elledge told reporters that she tried not to make a big deal of the comment because she often experienced similar comments at school. However, when she told her grandfather, he posted a photo of the receipt on Facebook and it quickly went viral.

Since then, she’s received support from multiple celebrities and average people alike. She’s also been interviewed by many different news outlets.

“I think it’s terrible that these sorts of things still happen. It isn’t fair to judge anyone based on appearance in this way,” junior Jodie Hermann said.

Elledge said that she isn’t looking for fame, but that she wants people to remember to always treat others equally and with respect. The customer who left the note has since been banned from the establishment.

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Virginia waitress receives racist remarks at work