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High school experiences different than what students were told

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Many freshman and even sophomores are now just beginning to develop a full routine that improves management in high school. Being introduced to new environments can be a huge change for many people. But over the years it has become more prominent for students and how to handle their daily life in the world of high school.

Time management can be one of the many struggles that new students can face. On the other hand, most students can manage their time fairly well. “I have mostly readjusted to the high school environment. I have figured out how to get my homework done without not being able to get sleep,” freshman Matt Skiko said.

Others, have had more difficul ting adjusting to this change. “High school is a very strange place and requires a lot of adapting. I’m still trying to figure out the hallways but hopefully once September comes around I will get back into the swing of things,” freshman Mary Renner said.

In order to balance academics, after school activities, and home life is a difficult task. Especially coming from middle school, students can be so tied up in the old ways of doing things. “High school is definitely different than middle school for me. There is much more homework and the teachers are stricter in high school and there are also a lot of fun activities that are offered,” sophomore Hannah Grawe said.

Whether or not students are adjusting positively to their high school environment, they are the only ones who can impact the choices they make. High school can definitely be hard to adjust to with the massive amounts of assignments and all the extra activities that students are apart of. It all depends on what students do to adapt.

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High school experiences different than what students were told