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Lululemon lunch bags promote sustainability

Heidi Freitag

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There has always been an obvious feud between disposable and reusable bags and which one is more convenient for the consumer, and, more importantly, which one is more environmentally friendly. But for all sorts of reasons, people seem to develop trends of which bag is easier to carry their lunches in and which bag appeals more to the eye. While walking through the halls, these red yoga bags can be found in the hands of many students. People aren’t even realizing how much better these bags are for the environment.

Students continue to go green without even noticing. It began with the camel back water bottles, and now students put their whole lunches together in a simple yet reusable Lululemon shopping bag. These bags come with every purchase at a Yoga store called Lululemon. This bag that comes with every purchase is the reason why students are retaining from those brown paper bags that they throw out everyday and replacing it with a trendy Lululemon bag.

Some students find these reusable bags easier to use than a disposable bag. “I use this bag everyday because it makes it easier to carry stuff that won’t fit in my backpack,” junior Abby Brush said. This bag has two handles which makes it reasonably easier to carry around, and it has a list of inspiring words and motivational phrases on it which serves as a pick me up for the owners of these bags.

The brown paper bag is still a go-to for some students. It is believed that this bag is easier for some people. “I use a brown paper bag because I feel like it’s easier to not have to carry it around anymore after lunch,” sophomore Nicole Carlson said.

It can be easily debated on which bag is easier to carry, but the students always seem to develop trends while not even knowing that they are helping the environment every time they use a reusable bag instead of a disposable one.

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Lululemon lunch bags promote sustainability