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Teachers demonstrate awareness of student relationships

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As relationships begin to develop among the teenage age groups, teachers start to see student relationships as something totally different than what they actually are.

Certain students can be found showing more affection towards each other, whether it’s in the hallway or actually in the classroom. But it’s up to the teacher on how they interpret it. Most teachers have an idea of who’s in a relationship with who. “Students tell you who’s in a relationship with who. We also do a couples page for the yearbook so I get a pretty good idea. Students think I’m young and hip so they decide to tell me about their relationships.” said English teacher Patty Merris.

Some students decide to be more open about their relationships, while others try to keep it a little more discreet. “Kids will tell you anything. They think their teachers are Oprah” Physical Education teacher Molly Freeman said. Some teachers on the other hand, can be totally clueless when they find out that particular students in their classes are in an actual, serious relationship.

What students don’t know is that teachers can have a pretty good understanding about what they are up to and which people they hang out with or are necessarily closer too.

Teachers can also be witnesses when it comes to those serious relationships. “I feel like the dark room creates a certain romance” Photography teacher Rich Lane said. Catching students actually showing affection in their classrooms is definitely not a surprise for most teachers.

The thought of teachers knowing the high school love triangle can be unsettling for some students. Although some teachers care more than others, discomfort can be seen among the teachers and students who know what is going on in other people’s love lives.

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The student news site of John Hersey High School
Teachers demonstrate awareness of student relationships