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Students get in gift-giving spirit for the holidays

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With apps such as Pinterest, it is easy to discover a simple do-it-yourself project or the latest trend to go out and purchase, which means that gift givers everywhere are stepping up their game.

While giving gifts seems to be a relatively simple concept, there are many platforms through which gifts are given and various expectations within these processes.

Primarily, the exchange of gifts between family and friends is the most notable. This age-old concept remains an appreciative sentiment towards loved ones, but it has definitely evolved in the last few years.

In addition, the popularity and convenience of online shopping has altered the amount of trips made to crowded malls with frantic last minute shoppers. With subscription services such as Amazon Prime, which sends an order within two business days, and the use of online shopping in general, the need to leave the house in order to acquire the perfect present has lessened in recent years.

“I use an Amazon Prime account for the gifts that I don’t want to buy at the mall and it is really nice because it ships in 2 days so I don’t have to worry about not having enough time to get them,” senior Emily Donohue said.

Furthermore, gift giving games like ‘Secret Santa’ twist up modern gift giving practices. There’s also ‘White Elephant’ where the gifts are put into one pile, and everyone randomly selects a gift. Because there’s usually such a variety of people playing, the gifts must be pretty simple and generic so that anyone in the group can enjoy them.

“Secret Santa is a really fun way to exchange gifts with a big group, without having to buy something for each person,” Donohue said.

With all of these gift-giving qualifications, it can sometimes be a difficult task to handle. However, often times these unique forms of gift-sharing are the best way for everyone in a group to be involved in a cost-effective and fun manner.

While stress can often be associated with the gift-giving expectations of the holiday season, the evolving nature of the process can provide a new element of excitement and entertainment to it. Whether it is internet assistance to locate the perfect gift or switching up the way gifts are exchanged, the tradition that we associate with the holiday season is always changing.

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The student news site of John Hersey High School
Students get in gift-giving spirit for the holidays