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Presidential candidates commence campaigning

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The 2016 Presidential Campaign may be over a year away, but the candidates are already going full speed ahead with their campaigns. With over twenty confirmed candidates from both political parties (as well as independent candidates) the race has already begun. While there are plenty of candidates there are a specific few who have garnered much of the media’s attention.

Businessman and property/media mogul Donald Trump has made the most headlines since announcing his candidacy. He has made many controversial comments regarding a plethora of political issues. Furthermore, due to his long history as a personality in the media, previous statements have proven controversial and contradictory to the current status and beliefs of his campaign.

Another candidate consistently making headlines is Hillary Clinton. She was recently involved in a controversy involving personal email accounts she used during her time as Secretary of State. There is concern that national security was compromised through information exchanged through her personal emails.

Besides the controversy heard on the news there are already ads and campaign websites trying to access voters. These campaigns are trying to reach voters with the best of information regarding the specific candidates and their specific target audience. “In congress, Bernie has fought tirelessly for working families, focusing on the shrinking middle class and growing gap between the rich and everyone else,” said Bernie Sanders website.

Candidates are trying to reach anyone with potential vote. This includes a younger crowd as well. Many students will be eighteen next November and will have the right to vote in the election. “I plan on voting next year. So far I’ve heard about many campaigns and candidates in the news, especially Donald Trump,” senior Annie Barton said.

Media coverage seems to reach young people the most and candidates are going to continue to try and reach all voters further, through many different outlets, as the election continues.

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Presidential candidates commence campaigning