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Fremd introduces scholarships that recognize bullying

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Fremd High School’s Class of 1975 organized a fundraiser to raise $10,000 to fund an anti-bullying scholarship to be awarded to two members of this year’s graduating class.
The scholarships are in the name of a student, John Trout, who experienced extreme bullying during his high school years 40 years ago at Fremd. He died four years ago from a heart attack.
With this scholarship, Fremd will be recognizing one student who significantly stood up to bullying during their high school time. Another scholarship will be awarded anonymously to a student who suffered bullying. The boy and girl will be selected by a small committee of faculty members.
The scholarship idea came from alumni Fremd students from the Class of 1975; Pamela Olander started the fundraiser after receiving a heartfelt email sent to the class by fellow member Mark Filosa urging classmates to remember John Trout among other, more popular members of the class as they prepared for an upcoming reunion.
The alumni class therefore wants current students to be acknowledged as they remember their fellow student and how the act of bullying affected him.
There is much importance behind these scholarships. With the anti-bystader scholarship award, the school will pick out a student who has showed attentiveness and sympathy towards those who are bullied as people doing so has become very rare. According to, “Even though most bystanders don’t like to watch bullying, less than 20% try to stop it.”
The winners will be named at the Class of 2015’s Honors Convocation. Olander has made a biography of John Trout, in hopes to show winners of the scholarship how he was able to rise above the horrible and unfair behavior towards him.
“I think that these scholarships are such an amazing idea. It’s truly great that bullying is being more recognized at Fremd and I can only hope that Hersey follows those footsteps as well by possibly creating similar scholarships,” sophomore Nick Tanaglia said.

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Fremd introduces scholarships that recognize bullying