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Asia Airlines’ aircrafts gone missing

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Since March of 2014, two airplanes have gone missing in the Eastern Hemisphere. These three airlines belonged to Asia Airlines. Even before Asia Airlines experienced two of its planes going missing the company was struggling financially.

When the first of the airplanes went missing in March 8, search parties were on the move constantly as the plane held 239 passengers including the pilot and co-pilot. The last known location of the plane was recorded to be in the southern Indian Ocean.

“It’s scary to think that those airplanes were doing fine and then all of a sudden they disappeared out of nowhere,” senior Mika Zattera said. “It could happen to any of us and the fact that two of the planes were never found is even scarier.

Rescue teams looked in the ocean for a trace of the plane from a wreckage but nothing was found. All that was found were items that could not be traced to the wreckage or are not linked to the wreckage. By the time that rescue teams started contemplating using submarines to check the sea floor, it was too late. Any hope for the remaining survivors on the plane was gone

On their webpage, Asia Airlines two statements regarding two of the flights that went missing. In their statement about Flight MH17, prayers were stated to have gone on. They agreed that financial compensation is required and remain steadfast in ensuring a fair and equal compensation.

“I feel awful for those poor people that were trapped in the planes,” junior Maribeth Broms said. “I couldn’t imagine having to deal with what they have had to deal with and I don’t know what I would do if I was in that position,” Broms continued.

The horror of the crashes brings reality into place. Any plane could fall or be lost at any point and anything could happen to the victims of the crashes.

Here lies the body of one of the Asia Airlines aircraft with its wings torn off.

Aric Crabb/Bay Area News Group/MCT
Here lies the body of one of the Asia Airlines aircraft with its wings torn off.

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Asia Airlines’ aircrafts gone missing