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Cafeteria bans outside food

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The following article was originally published by Meghan Gilbert on Sept. 18, 1997 in Volume 30, Issue 2 of The Correspondent.  It is being republished as a part of the “Golden Years” segment, celebrating 50 volumes of The Correspondent.

If a student was to walk into the cafeteria with an Omni bag or a piece of pizza from Little Caeser’s, the monitors would tell him, “Take that out of here,” and “You should know that that’s not allowed in here.”

The question most commonly asked by students was, why?

Cafeteria monitor Melva Naami said, “There should be no Little Caeser’s because there is too much garbage.  I think that Little Caeser’s is causing the problem.”

“The garage can and areas around the garbage cans are often filled with pizza boxed.  If students would lean up their messesm it would be fine with me.”

Another cafeteria monitor, Rick Naami said, “Bringing in food is no problem.  I think it’s what the students do with the garbage.  They leave it for other people to pick up.  Having Little Caeser’s boxes laying around makes the school look messy.”

Students are upset with this rule for a variety of reasons.  Several think that they are mature enough to handle their garbage and others feel stupid sitting out on the lawn by themselves eating their food from Omni.

Sophomore Laure Kearney said, “I can’t express my anger enough.  I felt like a nerd sitting (outside) with my little Omni bag eating by myself, and those bees kept irritating me.  I had to move 12 times.  I just want to be able to sit in the cafeteria with my Omni food.”

Freshmen never had the privileges of bringing in outside for, but they still don’t like the new rule.  Freshman Jeanne Schambach said,” It’s a stupid rule because they say it’s an open campus, but you can’t go back and forth with your food.”

Despite all of the reasons why students don’t like the rule, they want to know who made it up and when it started.

“It started this year and the deans made it up,” said dean Joe Krajacic.  “Custodians were always being called in by walkie talkie to the cafeteria to clean it up, and it got to be too much.”

Outside food was clogging up the hallways.  Pizza boxes were on the floor, and pop was spilled all over and getting on people’s shoes.  If the students eat out in front, they can throw their garbage in the cans out there.

Junior Kari Cook said, “We should be able to bring food in because we’re mature enough to handle it.”

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Cafeteria bans outside food