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Seniors should shake off senioritis

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Seniors should shake off senioritis

Logan Ingalls from Flickr

Logan Ingalls from Flickr

Logan Ingalls from Flickr

Nathan Kim

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Students entering their final years of high school often suffer from “senioritis”, or a lack of motivation and academic performance. This affliction usually starts showing its signs after students send their college applications, or during the middle of the school year.

Students begin to lose focus and simply lose interest in their studies, some even believing colleges don’t check grades for the final semester.

This usually stems from a motivation to move on from high school, or even the nihilistic idea that “nothing we do matters” since applications were already submitted. This results in lowered academic performance, with many students failing to finish their work or failing to see any reason to maintain their efforts.

Although some students may not see any issues with this mindset, senioritis can actually be fairly dangerous if left unchecked. This is especially true if students have already submitted college applications or have been accepted, as colleges may revoke or reject applicants if their recent grades have fallen low enough.

We need to keep in mind that, although high school is almost over, it isn’t quite done yet, and our work in the past should not be wasted just because we choose to make poor decisions now. If anything, we should be motivated to push forward through that final stretch,

Obviously, it can be difficult to retain the same work ethic you may of had, say, in sophomore or junior year. Still, it’s important to finish the year strong, especially since high school is almost over.

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Nathan Kim, Opinions Editor

Senior Nathan Kim is an opinions editor for The Correspondent and has served on staff since 2015.

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Seniors should shake off senioritis