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Fortnite gains popularity

Quinn Cunningham

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Fortnite Battle Royale has captured the attention of the entire gaming world, including students.

“Fortnite is easily the most fun and popular game at the moment,” sophomore Josh Methner said.

Fortnite is a player versus player, free-for-all style game: 100 players land on a map, search for weapons and materials, and then battle other players.

The last remaining player is declared “Victor Royale.”

The game offers three modes: solo, duo, and squads. In duo and squads players have to work together with their teammates to be the last ones standing. For many students this is what draws them in.

“I really enjoy the teamwork aspect and culture of the game,” Methner said.

“The game is a good combination of strategy and skill,” junior Josh Harden said.

However, Fortnite is not alone in this style of game; other games such as Player Unknown Battlegrounds (PUBG) and H1Z1 have relatively similar objectives.

“The main difference between Fortnite and other games like it is that Fortnite has a destructible environment in which you can build anything and everything,” senior Timmy Somary said.

In addition, Fortnite is the first battle royale to be available on PS4 and Xbox One.

“I think it became really popular because it is free to play and available on consoles,” Harden said.

The game, which launched on Sept. 26 2017, now has over 45 million total users and continues to grow.

“The developers seem to be adding small beneficial updates fairly routinely which is good for the game,” Somary said. “At this point, the hype is still growing and will probably stay strong through 2018.”

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Quinn Cunningham, News Editor

Senior Quinn Cunningham is a news editor and has served on staff since 2017.

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Fortnite gains popularity