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Influenza becomes more widespread

Claire Dwyer

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According to the CDC, this flu season continues to be more widespread than in previous years. All but two states (Oregon and Hawaii) have much higher rates of influenza than usual. Students have been noticing the increase in the amount of people sick this year.

“This year, there seems to be a lot more sick people,” sophomore Sydney Hemenway said.

The elderly and children under 5 usually have the highest rates of hospitalization, however, this season adults ages 50-64 have been more frequently hospitalized than children under 5. This grim flu season has been very deadly as well. 84 children have died during the 2017-2018 from the flu.

The flu vaccine this year reduces the rate of having to go to the doctor by 36%. Even though the vaccine isn’t as effective, it is still recommended that people still get the vaccine.

In addition, anyone with a fever in the past 24 hours is recommended to stay home from school and practicing good hygiene (washing hands frequently, cover mouth and nose when you sneeze). However, many students still haven’t gotten their flu shots this year.

“I didn’t get my flu shot because I didn’t have the time, but I always wash my hands to try and avoid the flu,” sophomore Dana Palmer said.

“I normally don’t get a flu shot,” Hemenway said.

This year’s flu season has students much more concerned about staying healthy.

“I’m washing my hands more often and putting on hand sanitizer,” sophomore Erin Moran said.

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Influenza becomes more widespread