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Feature Friday: Senior Michael Arcsizewski introduces new band Anavus

Grace Garlick

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This past week the annual variety show produced some amazing talent including that of Senior Michael Arciszewski’s band Anavus. “We’ve been a band for two years now,” Arciszewski said. “I play drums, Michal Markevych is our guitarist, Colton Rivard plays bass, and Nicholas Satchanov is lead guitar.”

The four opened the show with Jimmy Hendrix’s “Purple Haze” with Satchanov on vocals and impressed the audience with how well they played the Hendrix classic. “We usually just play instrumental, we’ll play songs that have lyrics but we just won’t sing them,” Arciszewski said.

The name of the band won’t show up on an average google search because of its uniqueness towards the group. “We named it Anavus because Colton wanted to call it Anubis like the Egyptian god but he didn’t know how to pronounce so it so that’s what he said and we stuck with it.”

Arciszewski acts as the band’s soundcheck expert and drummer and has carried on the musician gene since he was a kid. “My parents are very supportive,” Arciszewski said. “I’ve been playing the drums since I was 11 because music runs through my family. My grandpa on my mom’s side played drums, so did her brother, and my dad plays guitar.”

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Grace Garlick, Entertainment Editor

Junior Grace Garlick is an entertainment editor and has served on staff since 2017.

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Feature Friday: Senior Michael Arcsizewski introduces new band Anavus