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Way too early predictions for 2018 college football season

Tommy Lumsden

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The following is an op-ed. Views expressed in this article do not necessarily represent those of CorrespondentLive, The Correspondent or its staff as a whole.

With the college football season ending, the crazy football fans out there, including myself, are already preparing for next season. The build up is always so real, no matter who one roots for. But now we have to be patient and wait 141 days, eleven hours, and a couple minutes. Yes, I am keeping track of that.

But anyway, after a crazy year of college football, Alabama won again. Five times winning the Championship in nine years. I am getting sick of this team. But unfortunately for every other team that wants to beat them out in the playoffs, it’s not going to happen. Just ask Ohio State.

So much changes after one off season though, and any team can be special or can all of a sudden fall off the map in the football world.

Alabama will continue to be amazing. They showed that they don’t even need their junior quarterback Jalen Hurts after what was a pathetic showing in the first half of the National Championship game. After a scoreless first half, Alabama pulled their QB for freshman Tua Tagovailoa, who went off. It appears he will take the starting job next season.

And while Alabama has the possibility to lose thirteen players in this offseason, that should not be an issue for the Tide, who have the number five recruiting class according to 247 Sports, and the coaching staff will always get players ready to go before the season opener.

Georgia lost to Alabama in the Championship game, but put up a good showing. The Bulldogs have the number one recruiting class according to 247 Sports. They also started a freshamn quarterback this season, Jake Fromm, who had an unreal season and will of course be back for his sophomore year. So while the Bulldogs fell short this year in what could be considered a close to Cinderella season, they have set a very good foundation for their program and the future looks bright.

Big Ten:
Well, the Big Ten missed out this year. After what was a rough way to end the season, the Big Ten should not lose hope just yet. Wisconsin looked good all season, staying undefeated until they crumbled when they had their chance to be a walk in to the playoffs, losing to Ohio State in the Big Ten Championship game. But I guess it is tough when they haven’t played a truly good team all year.

The Badgers are losing thirteen seniors this season, and according to 247 Sports, are ranked 39 in recruiting. Not to be the debby downer for any Badger fans, but those two numbers don’t support another 12-0 regular season. Now, I think the Badgers could still win ten or even eleven games because they are in the easier side of the Big Ten, but that might be a little gracious.

Ohio State is another team that might have deserved to get into the playoof, but after their embarrasing loss in Iowa, they fell short. Ohio State looks to have some good potential though, which is a great sign for this team, and once again have a great recruiting class, ranking second overall according to 247 Sports.

Ohio State looks to be the clear favorite in the Big Ten heading into next season.

But don’t count out Michigan just yet. This season, the Wolverines are only losing two defensive starters, instead of eleven they lost last season. The Wolverines are also getting transfer quarterback Shae Paterson from Ole Miss. Since Paterson is not a senior tranfer, he is not automatically given the right to play his first year at his transfer school. If he is cleared to play, Michigan will finally have the quarterback they need to make the offense good.

Michigan also ranks 13 in their respective recruiting class this season, making them appear tHey will have a better season then their horrifying 2017 campaign.

ACC/ Clemson:
While teams like Miami and Florida State sit in the ACC, and have potential for what could be a good year, Clemson is the only team in the ACC I can see winning the ACC Championship and making it back to the playoffs for what would be a fourth year in a row.

Clemson ranks ninth in their recruiting class, including a young prodigy quarterback Trevor Lawrence. After an awful offensive performance against Alabama in the Sugar Bowl, Clemson looks like they need a spark to light up the offense against these bigger badder teams.

With another good good recruiting class and an overall young football team, Clemson is my prediction to win the ACC next season.

Big 12:
Oklahoma went on an exciting ride this season behind quarterback Baker Mayfield. They proved they could have a Big 12 like football game even against an SEC opponent, falling just short to Georgia 54-48 in what was a great comeback from Georgia.

Baker Mayfield is leaving though, so that seems like it would leave Oklahoma in some rough waters. The Sooners have three junior quarterbacks coming in to this season though that can all be their starting quarterback, so they seem to be ok in that position, and they rank eighth in recruiting, so it seems the Sooners might just be okay to make another run.

So my top 4 for next season is always tough to predict, but I believe the playoff picture will go as follows. Alabama, Clemson, Ohio State, Georgia.


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Tommy Lumsden, Sports Editor

Senior Tommy Lumsden is a columnist and sports editor for The Correspondent and has served on staff since 2015.

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Way too early predictions for 2018 college football season