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Students envision new lounge area

Caroline Stiefbold

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Four students came up with the idea to create a “Huskie Hub.” The Huskie Hub, which they hope to open next school year, would be located in the Titre Room.

Senior Henry Bauerle and juniors Will Adamski, Joe Lee, and Adrian Waz envisioned the idea. “We are the core four,” Bauerle said.

“It’s basically a student lounge made by students for students,” Bauerle said.

They have already had three meetings with administrators to discuss their plans for the Huskie Hub.

“We already talked to Mr. Sisson, Mr. Krajacic, and Mr. Norris, and they all love the idea,” Lee said.

They came up with the idea for the Huskie Hub after spending their free periods in the Academic Resource Center (ARC).

“We got kicked out of the ARC too many times,” Adamski said.

They plan for half of the Hub to be used for group projects and collabora- tion and the other half as lounge area. The lounge area will include couches, a foosball table, and a basketball hoop.

“Instead of using the ARC where people can actually study, take tests , and do homework, [the Huskie Hub will] separate that from kids who want to ‘chillax’ and have fun,” Lee said.

The security station at the back of the school is connected to the Titre Room, so the security guards will be able to monitor the Huskie Hub. A 24/7 security camera would also be in the Huskie Hub.

The Titre Room is currently used for meetings, presentations, and other activities.

“About 10% of the day it [the Huskie Hub] would be used for teachers because they need it for presentations and whatsoever,” Lee said.

Although it will be different from the ARC, they still want the Hub to have guidelines for students.

“We want to make this very respectful and a privilege to people,” Adamski said.

The Huskie Hub will only be open to juniors and seniors. Students who have more than three to five cuts will lose their privileges for that semester. In addition, the Hub will have a “three strike rule.”

If you have three strikes when you’re in the Huskie Hub, then you’re out for the semester until the next semester,” Lee said.

The “core four” have set up the Instagram account @huskiehub for students to follow so that they can provide updates and other information on the Huskie Hub. They also plan on selling shirts and other Husky Hub merchandise. In addition, they hope to set up a donation box in the Hub to raise money for upgrades and additions for the Husky Hub.

“Unfortunately I won’t be able to see it as a student because I’m a senior. My fellow core four mates are juniors so they will be able to see it next year. When I visit the school on homecoming week I will chill in the hub that I created with my colleagues,” Bauerle said.

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Students envision new lounge area