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What is… the V Show?

Alison Hoesli

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The following article was originally published by Alison Hoesli on Dec. 14, 2007 in Volume 40, Issue 5 of The Correspondent.  It is being republished as a part of the “Golden Years” segment, celebrating 50 volumes of The Correspondent.

Students acted, sang, and danced on the theatre stage last Friday in the annual variety show. There were approximately 20 acts ranging from dances to self-written music.

Each year, the variety show has a special “theme”, and this year’s was “Jeopardy,” a twist off the T.V. show Jeopardy. The host, John Kellerhals, cracked jokes about the “famous co-stars” they had playing for the charity of their choice. The show kept audience members laughing between acts with jokes.

“I loved the skits, they were really funny, especially Alex Trebeck. Even though there was a lot of singing, there was a lot of talent, too,” said junior Sarah Chapeck.

The show was on Thursday and Friday night, with a greater turnout on Friday.

“I liked seeing my friends on stage because I was proud of them. All of the entertainment with the dancing, acting, and singing with the guitars was fun to watch. It was awesome to see people showing off their hidden talents,” said Chapeck.

Many V-Show performers aren’t involved in plays or musicals at school, so some are new to the stage. Although one performer and his band have taken the stage many times before, they were ready to rock the house as the last act of both evenings.

Junior Curtis Fowle, a member of the band Curfew, said as opposed to getting nervous before going on stage, he and his band got excited. “This is something each one of us in the band wants to take up some day, and we get a huge adrenaline rush from it. It’s something we enjoy doing with all of our hearts,” said Fowle.



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What is… the V Show?