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Student launches schedule database: Sophomore Andy Schmitz’s creation draws 700-plus students

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The following article was originally published by Suzanne McMurray on Aug. 23, 2005 in Volume 38, Issue 1 of The Correspondent.  It is being republished as a part of the “Golden Years” segment, celebrating 50 volumes of The Correspondent.

Prior to the start of a new school year, students are eager to find out who is in their classes and who their teacher will be.

With the help of a website, created by sophomore Andy Schmitz, students can easily find out who else will be in their classes.  Sophomore Maria Frisone said, “I use it so that I won’t be surprised on the first day of school.”

However not only students appreciate the site.  Math teacher Joseph Pardon said, “I think it’s great.  I want my students to be in an environment that they feel comfortable in and enjoy it instead of dreading being in class.”

As of Aug. 17, there were 737 users and the popularity o the new site is continuing to grow.  Schmitz said, “I just started telling my friends about it, and I have a lot of people coming in from Xanga and Myspace.”

In addition, there is a “Tell a Friend” feature o the page to email others about the website.  Schmitz is also trying to get the word out to students from other schools as well.

It is very easy to join the site and become a “user.”  By simply giving their name and I.D. numbers, users can sign up, free of charge, and enter in their schedule.

Once a student has joined, one can “click” on a particular class and find out who else is in it.  Sophomore Grace Nowack said, “It is so easy to find out who is in your classes and it takes a lot less time than calling people.”

In addition to showing which students are in each class, there is a direct reference to the score which provides students with peer opinions on each teacher.

Schmitz also credits sophomore Tommy Tran for encouraging him to make the website.  Furthermore, Schmitz said, “I really enjoy making websites because I realize that there are many things that can be done on the Internet that can benefit people in one way or another.”  And students have definitely “benefitted” by his work.

However, this is just one of Schmitz’s many ongoing projects.  In addition to the schedule database, Schmitz writes in a blog related to the site, provides the daily weather, keeps a quote collection, and announces other projects he is working on.  These projects include a Spanish quiz based off of Prospect High School questions, “cost of Iraq” web page buttons, a grade-lookup database, and an online photo mosaic program.

For more information, contact Schmitz at of visit

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Student launches schedule database: Sophomore Andy Schmitz’s creation draws 700-plus students