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Wisconsin will win Big Ten (from the eyes of a Michigan fan)

Tommy Lumsden

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Being a Michigan fan, it is very hard for me to root for Ohio State, or Wisconsin really for that matter, but after playing both teams I have a good idea of why Wisconsin will actually win. Michigan being a mediocre team at best this year, hung with both teams until the fourth quarters with both.

Wisconsin’s defense has been shut down all year, and that did not change against Michigan. Michigan was also starting their best quarterback, freshman Brandon Peters. Wisconsin was able to shut down Michigan’s offense even before Michigan‘s quarterback Brandon Peters left the game with a concussion. It didn’t take long from there for Wisconsins offense to take over the game with a few big plays, and their defense easily hold Michigan’s offense to little to nothing.

The thing is, Ohio State played the entire game against John O’korn, Michigan’s third string quarterback who cannot hit an open receiver for his life, and our offense did way better. Personally, I would say Wisconsin’s defense is better than Michigan’s, and Michigan’s defense shut down Ohio State almost all game, until that fourth quarter of course.

If we use Michigan as the middle man between these two teams, Wisconsin definitely looks better. J.T. Barrett might be the most overrated quarterback, who can only run, so Wisconsin needs to shut down the run game for Ohio State and the game is way in their favor. Barrett could not hit an open receiver all year, and that won’t change over one week.

There definitely are two Ohio State teams, and Wisconsin should be able to shut down both. Either way, it will be a close game, but Wisconsin has the upper hand because of their defense.

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Tommy Lumsden, Sports Editor

Senior Tommy Lumsden is a columnist and sports editor for The Correspondent and has served on staff since 2015.

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Wisconsin will win Big Ten (from the eyes of a Michigan fan)