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We don’t bowl with bumpers, stop asking

Caroline Stiefbold

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“Are there bumpers when the team bowls?”

The amount of times I am asked this question is absurd. No one asks the softball team if they hit off of tees in games. Yet, bowling constantly faces comments and questions scrutinizing the legitimacy of our team.

The bowling team has made it down state as a team the last three years. Most other sport here have accomplished this feat the last three years.

I understand the common misconception. Bowling as a hobby may not seem like a competitive sport. But at practice we don’t just sit around eating nachos. We practice. We do drills. We bowl, bowl, bowl.

We may not run miles at practice, we may not bench 250 pounds, but bowling is still a sport.

Now I’m not just going to preach about my team. Our school has so many wonderful teams, activities, and clubs. They all deserve our respect. We don’t all need a fan section as big as the football teams at all of our events, but a little respect at school would be nice.

We as students should get excited about every group here and their successes. A parade of champions is a great idea, but if the students standing in the halls as the champions pass by don’t care, the purpose is lost.

So, let’s stop asking questions that delegitimize our teams. I’m not asking for 100 students in the bleachers at Arlington Lanes (yes bowling meets have bleachers), but simply asking for a little respect. We don’t devour onion rings, nachos, and “mac and cheese bites” during practice. We practice just like every other sport. So please stop asking “stupid” questions about our team. Stop asking them about any group.

Let’s all be one big “Huskie family” and celebrate each other and respect everyone.  Go to a sporting event other than football.  Check for updates on a game on social media.  Congratulate classmates when their teams have success.  Be proud of our school because our teams are something we should all be proud of.

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We don’t bowl with bumpers, stop asking