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First time winners dominate majors

Tommy Lumsden

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Golf continues to find new champions in the major tournaments. It seems young stars are finally breaking through, and older golfers who have waited so long finally got their moments. That did not change in the 2017 season. Eight out of the last nine major champions are first time winners, including world number one Dustin Johnson in the 2016 US Open Championship.

This year, the young have come through, but in the first major of the year, the Masters, Sergio Garcia finally broke through. The 37 year old has played in seventy-four majors, and never got a chance to win. He finally found his rhythm and pulled through in one of the toughest majors, posting a nine under through the entire tournament and bringing home his first green jacket.

It’s never to late to make something happen, just ask Sergio Garcia. He is the king of patience and paying his dues. I’ve never been the biggest Sergio fan, but he is one of those players that is so good he deserves that major. And to watch him play so well at the Masters, my favorite tournament of the year, really made Sunday a fun day of golf to watch.

The US Open had another first time winner. Brooks Koepka, at the age of 27, brought home the trophy. An unreal 16 under tournament showed his strength and dominance. Koepka put himself on the map with this win and has played very well ever since.

Brooks Koepka reminds me of my favorite golfer, Dustin Johnson. He is huge, built like a body builder, and watching him crush 330+ yard drives on a consistent basis right down the middle of the fairway, well let me just tell everyone, it’s fun to watch. And he’s a great putter. All around he had the best year in majors, even though he only won one of them. He is a guy who will be dominate for a long time now that he has started crushing the game.

Jordan Spieth won his third major of his career and his third leg of the career grand slam, winning the Open Championship. He is the only one of the last nine winners to win a major. Spieth had one of the most unreal closes on Sunday of the Open. Spieth ended five under on the last five holes, out doing Matt Kutcher.

Spieth is one of the most talented players around the greens. He really astonishes me when I watch him.  So when he gets his driver and irons down, he really is one of the best ever, and it just makes him so fun to watch. And although he isn’t my favorite, he has the talent that draws me in every major. And he’s one step closer to the career grand slam, so I can’t wait to watch him close that out.

Finally, Justin Thomas won the PGA Championship in a Sunday round close. He played lights out all Sunday and kept his nerves in control to bring home his first major of his career. with so many top 10 players, and just a few strokes back, Thomas birdied 17 and closed the deal, giving himself a two stroke lead on Kevin Kisner.

Watching Justin Thomas win his first major was incredible. All the younger players have each others backs so much now a days. Both Rickie Fowler and Jordan Spieth were greenside to watch him finish it out and be there in person to congratulate him. So not only did a great player and person win, but the sportsmanship and friendship was amazing to watch.

The ability of these first timers to control their nerves in these high preasure situations has been truly astonishing to watch. Young and old, they have all been able to finish out what they had to do, and continue to show the world anyone can win.

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First time winners dominate majors