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Powerful image of mascot to symbolize Huskie might

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The following article  was originally published on Sept. 27, 1968 in Volume 1, Issue 1 of The Correspondent.  It is being republished as a part of the “Golden Years” segment, celebrating 50 volumes of The Correspondent.

Mighty, vigorous, robust, strong, powerful, burly, and sturdy. All the preceding are synonyms for Husky as it represents the mascot for Hersey.

The mighty Husky will symbolize Hersey’s power in its initial year and in years to come in all fields of academics and athletics.

Husky in its original sense, meaning strong or powerful, needs a little explanation. However, it is necessary to develop the descriptive meaning to thoroughly familiarize the Huskies with their proud heritage and to instill a sense of pride in Hersey and its mascot.

The husky has several names including Malemute, the Alaskan dog, simply dog, and simply husky. The dog is not a definite breed, as it was developed by the Eskimos. Something was desperately needed to carry loads through the deep snow of northern Canada and Alaska.

Several animals were considered for use by the Eskimos. The horse was strong enough for the job, but lacked the necessary co-ordination. The northern domestic dog was found to lack the great deal of strength that was needed.

The wolf would have been perfect but it was far too fierce and unwilling. Because the dog had many o f the needed characteristics except extreme strength, the Eskimos crossed the dog and the wolf to create a new, but not true, breed of dogs. This hybrid came to be known as the husky.

Those in the northern parts of the Western Hemisphere now had a perfect work dog. He had perseverance and he could endure the extremely frigid temperatures of the North. Because of the wolf in him, the husky was able to go for long periods of time without food. Besides this, he had a natural aptitude for survival in the wilderness.

The husky was perfect in every way except one – he lacked friendliness. There still existed too much wolf in him.

The so-called huskies known as pets today have been bred with other wolves and different types of work dogs.

The huskies from H.H.S. plan to show area schools and communities the supreme qualities of power, strength, perseverance, and endurance.

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Powerful image of mascot to symbolize Huskie might