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Say yes: Senior reflects on high school experience

Ellen Bakal

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Say yes. This isn’t the dreaded junior year that swallows time and any other passion one may have. Senior year is not a blow off year, prior to popular belief; it’s time to have a high school experience.

During my senior year, like every other senior, I was swamped with college stress. I decided to take the September and October ACT, crammed in my applications because of laziness, and I spent hours on end doing scholarship applications. THIS CAN ALL BE AVOIDED. If I were to do it all again, I’d start in the summer. I’d even start in the Spring. I had many teachers upset with me, as I had to miss almost three days a month for college visits. To get the full experience, get that out of the way early.

The college talk never stops. I used to get bothered and anxious when I’d be asked about my decision, but honestly it is all out of excitement. I think that kicks off some senior fun. Going to a very popular school, University of Illinois, opened my eyes up to all of the other students going there as well. I’ve gotten closer with people in my grade that are thinking of the same things that I have planned in my future.

I said yes to almost every “seniors only” class. The Service Over Self class was perfect. Although my major is headed in the community service direction, I strongly feel that anyone can succeed in this class. The class provides opportunities that include coordinating some of the school’s biggest volunteer events. I’ve always attended the events like Funner Olympics or the food drive, but to be a part of the “behind the signs” was eye opening. The class is all that one makes of it, so sure there were students taking advantage of the class, but the students, like me, who tried, were able to bond as a class. Nothing is better than doing good and feeling good, especially with friends.

Senior year has seemed to be the glue of relationships. It really defines where we stand within our class. I’ve noticed that clubs, like Student Council, has became a friend group. Journalism has also been like that for me. As a senior, I’m less stressed about challenging classes, and therefore have more time to bond with my peers and reflect on what we’ve all gone through together.

Activities that can bring a grade closer together, are activities to always say yes to. Be nice to all. Come together. Make the most of it. It really flies.

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Say yes: Senior reflects on high school experience