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Make change, fight for reduced thrift store tax

Caroline Stiefbold

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As high schoolers, we need to take a look around us in the world. We can make an impact on our community. We can make lasting change.

Taxes may seem inevitable. While our country may run on taxes, all taxes are not necessary at their current rates.

Purchases at thrift shops are taxed at the same rate as purchases from other stores. However, thrift stores differ from mainstream stores in more than just prices.

First of all, thrift stores promote actions that benefit the environment.  By reusing clothes that have already been made, thrift store prevent the use of additional chemicals (like dyes) in the manufacturing of new clothes.  These chemicals would pollute our water and air, but by limiting the amount produced, thrift stores are helping the environment.

Many thrift stores also do charitable work.  Stores like Goodwill and Salvation Army use their proceeds to benefit communities through community programming.

Because thrift shops are simply reselling clothes and not making new ones, they avoid the use of child labor and sweatshops.

In addition, while thrift shoppers range from all backgrounds, some shop there because they cannot afford higher prices elsewhere.  To make these prices even more accommodating, a lessened tax would help people who are struggling get back on their feet.

For these reasons, as well as the fact that the clothes sold in thrift stores have already been taxed when they were initially sold, Cook County should reduce the tax on purchases from thrift shops.

While students alone cannot make this tax reduction happen, they can still help.  Students can truly make in impact in our community.  Whether it be petitioning, contacting local officials, and spreading awareness.

Everyone can help end reduce this tax in Cook County by signing a petition at the following link: .

Most importantly, though, students need to understand that our community values their opinions and that can truly inspire our world for the better.

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Make change, fight for reduced thrift store tax