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Feature Friday: Junior Erin Loken sifts through thrift stores

Caroline Stiefbold

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For junior Erin Loken, fashion isn’t just found inside of Woodfield Mall.  Thrift shops have become the places where she chooses to explore fashion.

“I love thrifting because every time you to the store is completely different and you can always find pieces that no one else has,” Loken said.

Thrifting is not just a hobby for Loken, but also a job, as she works at Goodwill.

“I like working at Goodwill because all of the employees are really nice and I get to help sift through donations I’m always the first to know if there’s anything especially good on the floor.  Plus there’s plenty of interesting customers and donations so each day is unique and I always have a good story to tell about work when I get home,” Loken said.

While thrifting may seem as though it is just about looks and fashion, Loken loves it for its other benefits as well.

“One of my customers always refers to thrifting as responsible shopping which I think is a really good description because besides the fact that it’s obviously budget friendly, thrifting is great for the environment because it cuts down on the pollution produced by factories who release new clothes every season, and it’s an easy way to avoid directly supporting fast fashion companies so you don’t have to worry about your clothes being unethically manufactured.  Thrifting’s also a really good way to develop a unique style because there’s a much wider variety of clothing as opposed to traditional retail stores which usually only stock clothes that fit current trends,” Loken said.

As her love of thrifting grows and her own style develops, Loken encourages others to give thrift stores a try.

“Everyone should try thrifting because it’s annoys way to positively impact the community, and find unique things that aren’t being sold in regular stores,” Loken said.

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Feature Friday: Junior Erin Loken sifts through thrift stores