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Free speech is not so free anymore

Tommy Lumsden

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Recently, one of my favorite shows ever was taken off the air. “Last Man Standing,” starring Tim Allen, was a hit comedy on ABC, actually ranking second only behind the Big Bang Theory.

I have the answer as to why a TV company got rid of one of their best shows going into the sixth season on air: because the show was a conservative based show. Throughout the show, Allen, who characters name is Mike Baxter, makes comments and remarks about politics. Most jokes are him bashing Obama or Hillary Clinton, but he does it in a comedic way which fits his character. I mean the show is called “Last Man Standing”.

So that might not not seem like the biggest issue in the world, but to the media and Hollywood, it really could be. The amount of left leaning bias in the media right now is out of control. Allen is going against their viewpoints, and they cannot have that, so they cancelled the show.

Allen compared Hollywoods bias to “30s Germany”. Now don’t take this out of context, Allen was laughing and joking around while he was saying it, but my guess is it wasn’t much of a joke. Earlier in the interview, Allen states that if one does not side with the viewpoints expressed and believed in Hollywood, that person could get “beat up”.

I mean, it has gotten so bad in Hollywood that there is now a reference to the “Conservative underground”. The fact that actors have to hide their beliefs so they can still maintain a job is rediculous.

There is a clip on FOX News where they read a quote by Roger Neal, and the premise of this quote is that if there is an up and coming actor, they are not going to support Trump because they are afraid they won’t get the job. Because their boss is most likely a Clinton supporter who can’t except that fact that everyone has different view points.

But it’s not only that these conservative are concerned for their jobs. While the presidential election was still going on, anti-Trump supporters seemed to dislike him mostly because he was a bully. Yet, Allen brings up another interesting point in another interview. “Many celebrities dislike Trump because of the perception he is a bully, but if you had any kind of inkling that you were ‘for Trump’, you got bullied for doing that. It gets a little hypocritical to me…” Allen said.

The issue spreads much farther than just Hollywood. We only have to look at college campuses. Free speech, one of the founding principles of this nation, is being dismantled because the left doesn’t agree with what the speaker will be saying. The only time these radical viewers will allow them to speak is if they consider it worthy.

These speeches that are being canceled on campuses are leading to a sense of voicelessness for the conservatives, and the colleges are doing nothing to defend this right. They are just allowing the liberals to rule who and what is said on campus.

It is not fair. We are getting to a point in our nation where if we do not agree with Hollywood, the media, and the radical students on these college campuses, we have no voice. No matter what ones belief is, everyone deserves and has the right to be heard. They have the right to speak their mind about what they believe.

There is no need to hide anymore. Losing our right to free speech is not exceptable, and neither is being silenced by those who control the news and the media.

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Free speech is not so free anymore