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Finding common ground amidst political differences

Nathan Kim

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Politics has diverged to a point where many liberals and conservatives are unable to come to consensus with their beliefs or overcome their ideological differences. Rather than agreeing to constructively cooperate to further the country, the opposing political ideals have instead embraced extremism: with the extreme left stereotyping the right as solely white supremacists and racists, while the extreme right dismisses the left as oversensitive and delusional.

Rather than becoming engrossed in the name-calling and petty arguments, students should focus on finding common ground with those they disagree with, and constructively contribute to civil conversation.

By finding similarities, the opposing political parties can finally put their differences aside and focus on improving the country of which they serve, instead of selfishly and narrow-mindedly arguing and stereotyping those who happen to disagree.

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Finding common ground amidst political differences