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Feature Friday: Art inspires junior Emily Hartman

Claire Durand

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Throughout high school, many individuals begin to develop who they are and what career they may want to invest in. For junior Emily Hartman, she’s set her goal to become an artist.

“I hope to one day create illustrations for stories, like a comic artist; being a freelance artist sounds amazing. Whatever I end up doing with art, I can’t complain because I’ll be doing what I love,” Hartman said.

Hartman has always been intrigued in other works of art and has grown to appreciate it much more.

“I first became interested in art by simply seeing amazing artists everywhere I went, and I thought to myself, ‘I want to be able to do that too.’ So I started to teach myself how to draw,” Hartman said.

Art has allowed Hartman to gain skills not just in the art itself but in other aspects as well.

“It’s allowed me to expand my thought process outside of what I’d normally think about- understanding others and what they think- and has taught me to always look for another solution if something doesn’t go as planned,” Hartman said

Art has provided her with many outlets and experiences.

“Through art, I’ve been able to start conversations. Others will ask me why I’ve created a piece, and it allows me a chance to explain my ideas. It’s also given me an outlet to relax or for de-stress, and has let me meet some of the people I’m most close with,” Hartman said.

Like with every skill, with art, there are its challenges and attractions. “I really like the fact that there’s no limit to what one can create. You just have to pick up a pencil and get started. What I don’t enjoy so much is that like how writers have writer’s block, artists have artist block. It’s not very fun when you have ideas swirling in your head but can’t seem to get anything on paper,” Hartman said.

For Hartman, the challenge of art draws her in.

“With art, there’s never a time where I’m not faced with a challenge. In art, you’re constantly learning how to create new things, and once you’ve perfected how to drawing something, a new challenge presents itself. It’s the ultimate “winging it” experience,” Hartman said.

So as college creeps up, Hartman plans to attend an art school and develop her career as a professional artist.

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Feature Friday: Art inspires junior Emily Hartman