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Students continue to deal with student deaths respectfully, appropriately

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Experiencing death can be a difficult and oftentimes confusing process for high school students, especially when those deaths occur among their peers. With the recent passings of senior Nick Spaid and 2016 graduate Kamil Jackowski, many students have found themselves in unfamiliar territory.

Spaid passed away on Friday, April 28, and Jackowski passed away at a University of Iowa fraternity event in Missouri on Sunday, April 30. Both of these young men are remembered for their genuine friendship and kindness.

The most important thing for students to do in these trying times is to be supportive and respectful of each other. Some students may have known one or both of the deceased students well; some students may not have known these two at all. Some students may be grieving heavily; some students may not be.

This wide variation in feelings and emotions is normal and perfectly fine, but students must continue to be aware that their peers may be experiencing different emotions than they are. Everyone is going to react to these tragedies differently. It’s especially important in times like these for students to continue to be conscious of what they say and how they act, as right now students need to be building and holding each other up, not tearing each other down.

Many students have rightfully expressed their condolences through social media by discussing the deaths and/or describing the impact they have felt because of the deaths in a respectful manner that does not make the situation self-centered around themselves.

Students are to be commended on their acceptance of others’ reactions both on social media and at school. The sensitivity with which students have treated each other is impressive and greatly appreciated by many.

It’s extremely unfortunate that it takes such horrible incidents as these to bring the school community together, but it’s just the reality of the situation that the school now finds itself in. Students should promote this closeness by being respectful of their grieving peers and teachers and also by allowing themselves to grieve.

There is no singular way to deal with death or to grieve, and as many people are affected in many different ways, it’s important that all students feel supported by those that surround them every day.

As students navigate through their own grief and the grief of the rest of the school community, it’s imperative that they continue treating everyone with respect and give each other the time they need to continue to return to normalcy.

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Students continue to deal with student deaths respectfully, appropriately