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Báez: Overlooked Cubs star

Caroline Stiefbold

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Javy. Báez.

Báez is killing it for the Cubs right now. I would even deem him my favorite Cub of the last few years, but if he got traded, I wouldn’t cry. I might scream “Javy” one more time. But, I wouldn’t cry.

Báez is one of the best defensive players in the game. And at the moment his bat is on fire too. Yet, he is in a pickle (and not because of his base running).

With the Cubs lineup as powerful as it is, he has no place to go. The National League MVP, the World Series MVP, and Addison Russell seem to diminish Báez’s accomplishments, and take up valuable space on the field. (Although everyone needs to takes days off, making more room for Báez) But, generally speaking Báez deserves better.

Only the Cubs would have a nine hitter who can go get four hits (just one base shy of hitting for the cycle) in a game and average .271. I’m not saying .271 is Silver Slugger worthy. I’m just saying it deserves better than the nine spot. Yes, I know Joe Maddon likes to shake things up and not have the pitcher hit ninth. And as a Cubs fan, it is pretty amazing to have a team so strong that Báez isn’t the star every game. But seriously, Javy Báez is more than just a position-less guy hitting in the nine spot. He is the super sub. He is the guy that can play anywhere (well, mostly anywhere) his team needs him.

I may not have the power to change Maddon’s lineup (although I would love to email him a link to and send him a copy of the paper #FlyTheCorre). I may not be able to convince the Cubs to trade him to a team where he would be the star. And I may not be able to convince other teams to trade for him.

But, I can say that he deserves more credit than he gets from Cubs fans. He can tag a baserunner faster than the rest of the team. He comes through with big hits, leaving baserunners for Schwarber. He makes difficult infield plays look effortless.

He is Javy Báez, and he deserves more applause.

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Báez: Overlooked Cubs star