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Legend of Zelda: Breath of Wild provides variety

Kayleigh Padar

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“Legend of Zelda: Breath of Wild” for the Nintendo Switch has actually taken over my life. In order to sit down and write this review, my brother had to actually pry the Nintendo Switch out of my hands and force me to sit down at the computer. In other words, I’ve started to fully believe that I’m a tiny elf who needs to spend all day, every day working to save a princess. It’s bad.

This action-adventure game was released in early March by Nintendo for the Nintendo Switch and the Wii U. The game follows a familiar protagonist, Link, as he awakens from an 100 year slumber and is told that he is his crumbling kingdom’s last hope for survival. He has no recollection of any events that happened before his nap, so the storyline follows him slowly regaining his memory, piecing together his past in order to save Princess Zelda and her kingdom in the future.

The basic goal is to build Link up in order to find Zelda and help her defeat the boss dragon who has kept her captive since he fell asleep. In order to build up his defenses, the player must complete different “shrines” each with their own logic puzzles.

As the game begins, players are met with simple tutorials that teach basic skills, but are quickly released to wander the virtual world uninhabited. The setup is based around completing quests with a huge emphasis on exploration. Players are really free to decide how they want to go about completing quests.

For example, I took the domestic route and learned how to tame a horse and cook elixirs and visit with people in the villages. My brother took the adventurer path and has focused on exploring and fighting any enemy he comes in contact with. However, anyone who plays can decide which aspects work for them and end up somewhere in the middle of that spectrum or on an entirely different one.

The game truly has a perfect mix of non-combat puzzles and a storyline that also combines with random encounters and battles so that players can choose which aspects of the game they enjoy the most and build an adventure off of those.

It’s playable for beginners and experts alike because it’s easy to learn, but almost impossible to actually master. However, it keeps players engaged throughout the whole story no matter what their skill level is. Even if some parts are more difficult for beginners, it never feels like completing useless tasks, everything builds up and adds into this immersive world.

Sometimes, the amount of options is overwhelming and it can be easy to get lost and frustrated with all of the side quests and random encounters, yet that is something that can’t be fixed with a game that’s so based upon freedom.

Playing the game at its full capacity requires the Nintendo Switch, which is expensive and currently in high demand and hard to track down. The game is also the only major title that is currently available for that console, so it might seem like the purchase isn’t worth it. I was skeptical at first too, but this game is truly worth the effort needed to obtain it, and I completely recommend it for anyone who wants to forget about all of his/her responsibilities for a while.

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Legend of Zelda: Breath of Wild provides variety