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Don’t test other people’s tastes

Zoe Strozewski

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I recently bought a pair of socks that are odd. And by odd I mean that they have pictures of Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg on them. I remember that as I proudly showed the socks to each of my family members and friends, each time I was inevitably greeted by a response along the lines of “why on earth would you buy those?” I’m not usually easily influenced by people, but these interactions stuck out to me and even made me question if my purchase was worth it.

The term “taste” encompasses a broad range of subjects. It can refer to anything from music, food, clothing, and even what’s on a person’s Netflix binge list. Linked to the idea of taste is the concept of good taste, the belief that certain preferences are just better.

To me, the effects of the “good taste” notion will always be more negative than positive. On the positive side, it’s a self esteem booster when a person is told that they have good taste. However, this also promotes the idea one person’s likes and dislikes are inherently more valuable than another’s.

I think that “good taste” should be completely subjective. In fact, I think that the idea should be dissolved entirely.

We need to stop belittling what other people like just because it doesn’t match some sensationalized idea of what’s good and bad in society. People shouldn’t be afraid to be creative or like something just because someone else doesn’t. Passion in any form is a gift and under no circumstances should someone ignore something they’re passionate about just because it’s not popular.

The world we live in already judgmental enough without our own completely natural desires being attacked. I believe that while everyone is entitled to having opinions, it’s much more important to respect our own.

Anyone who knows me knows that I’m quiet. Usually I’m too quiet to let most people get to know me. But when I wear quirky socks, they do the speaking. They are the truest testament to what I value and how I feel. Most importantly, they are brave enough to say the things about me that I’m not brave enough to say out loud.

I love Ruth Bader Ginsburg and everything she stands for. I will continue to represent her on my feet even if others don’t exactly agree with my choice because I know in my heart that those with the absolute best taste are the ones who stay true to what they love.

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Don’t test other people’s tastes