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Feature Friday: Freshman Erin Moran finds success in step-dancing

Claire Durand

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Freshman Erin Moran is not like others. When she’s not doing homework, she’s running for track, and when she’s not running, she’s practicing many hours of Irish step-dancing. Although it may not seem like a famous sport, Irish step-dancing has risen in popularity. Moran has been dancing since she was nine and has been dancing for five and a half years.


In order to perfect her dances, in the season, Moran practices many hours during the week regardless of the amount of homework she has to do every night. “I try to keep a consistent schedule to practice because Irish step-dancing is so competitive that I need to stay up to date to keep up with the competition,” Moran said.


Irish step-dancing also allowed Moran to explore new skill other than just dancing. Moran said, “I have learned to work as a team and manage my time wisely and set good examples for the younger dancers,” but she has also found new friends too, “The friendships I’ve made in Irish step-dancing are one in a million. I will always try to stay connected to my friends in Irish step-dancing, and they’ve really made my experience so much more fun and more exciting.” Moran said.


With practice comes challenges to face. “Irish dance has many rhythms and techniques that are different from normal dancing. It takes a lot of stamina and practice to perfect your dances. Some of the challenges I faced were learning hard steps and rhythms and not being able to nail a dance perfectly and sustain proper technique throughout the whole dance,” Moran said.


Moran has been Irish step-dancing for many years and plans to continue. “I’ve always loved step-dancing, and it’s become such an integral part of my life. I love every minute of it.” Moran said.


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Feature Friday: Freshman Erin Moran finds success in step-dancing