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Feature Friday: Junior Joe Nudo starts own YouTube channel

Kelly McCarthy

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With social media and different online media platforms being so prevalent, just about anybody can start their own Instagram account, Facebook page, or, as in junior Joe Nudo’s case, YouTube channel about anything they want.

Recently, Nudo started his own YouTube channel on which he posts videos about various topics, such as a vlog on the Chicago Auto Show and a cooking video. “I started [the channel] because I really wanted to put myself out there and do something that I wasn’t really used to doing,” Nudo said.

As someone who is interested in photography, making these videos was just another way to explore that type of visual art. YouTube provides a platform for sharing these videos and a possibility to reach to all sorts of audiences. “I love living my life and taking pictures and videos of things that I’m doing, and YouTube is just another way to do that,” Nudo said.

Thus far, Nudo’s videos haven’t necessarily been focused around a central theme or certain topic–they are more spur-of-the-moment snippets of his life and the things he enjoys doing.

“I don’t really plan them; they just kind of happen. Sometimes I’m just like ‘I’m bored and all alone so I’m going to make a YouTube video,'” Nudo said. In terms of actually making the video, Nudo describes the process as a pretty simplistic one: after he has all of his clips, he just uses iMovie to put them together and add music to it, all of which only takes him three to four minutes.

iMovie is another platform that opens so many possibilities to ordinary people. It is available to any Apple product and is designed for making simple videos. It’s apps like these and social media platforms like YouTube that can offer people who maybe have certain gifts or talents extraordinary opportunities through the wide exposure the Internet can give them. These opportunities are simply made so much more accessible to the masses.

Nudo especially enjoys having his own YouTube channel “because you can put anything on it.” He aims to gain a following on YouTube through earning subscribers, likes, and views. Since his channel is still in its beginning stages, Nudo does a fair amount of self-advertising through his other social media acoounts.

After hearing generally positive feedback about his videos, Nudo plans to continue making them about his life and is excited to see where his channel takes him.

Here is a link to Joe Nudo’s channel:

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The student news site of John Hersey High School
Feature Friday: Junior Joe Nudo starts own YouTube channel