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Reading for fun offers valuable benefits

Kelly McCarthy

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When most students think of reading, visions of their long history chapters or their annotated copies of The Scarlet Letter immediately come to mind. However, few high school students seem to enjoy pleasure reading or even seem open to the idea of picking up a book in their free time.

Granted, many students are involved in at least one extracurricular or are busy with other things like work; however, if students wanted to, they could easily find the time to read a book by cutting down on the time they soend browsing through social media or watching Netflix.

Reading can be extremely valuable: a good book can spark one’s interests, expand one’s knowledge of a certain topic, or offer one a brief escape from reality, among other things.

That’s the whole idea–reading can be whatever someone wants it to be. It can be informative, entertaining, relaxing, or any combination of those things. Long gone are the elementary school days when reading made students “nerds.”

High school students are nearing a point in their lives where they will be responsible for their own education. After high school, there’s really nobody there to guide students hand-in-hand through their education and/or life in general. How much students learn becomes more and more about how much work they consciously put into their education.

Reading for pleasure can prepare students for taking charge of their own educations–for choosing what topics they want to explore further and how to go about acquiring that knowledge.

Not only is reading for pleasure extremely beneficial, but it can also be quite enjoyable, especially once someone finds a book genre or topic that truly intrigues him or her.

Reading isn’t everyone’s favorite thing, but students should definitely give reading for fun a try because it’s an incredibly different experience than the the assigned school reading is.

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Reading for fun offers valuable benefits