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Students should prioritize their emails

Chloe Stenson

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It’s crucial to stay well connected to the world with all the recent technological advancements. With updating social media statuses to checking the daily weather report, students use the internet to do a myriad of important things. They need to make checking their emails a priority, especially if it’s emails from school.

A majority of the time, emails from school contain important information and should be checked as soon as they can.

“Emails are pretty important because that’s the way I communicate with my teachers and other important people,” freshman Dawn Monarca said.

Teachers usually send emails and updates to their students relating to homework or upcoming lesson plans as their way of contacting them. If students have questions about the material, they also use their email as a source for answers when outside of school. It’s an important way to communicate to keep up with school needs.

Other students, however, relate to the topic somewhat differently than Monarca.

“I guess I feel like our emails are important to school depending on the person you are. I know for some people like me who are horrible at checking, it probably isn’t effective. But, for other students who rely on their email, then that’s how they get their information,” freshman Payton Buch said.

Although emails aren’t as essential to Buch as it is to Monarca, she too feels that it’s important to check, depending on who the student is.

Students also get alerts from important apps such as Schoology through their Gapps emails. Those who are in sports or after school activities, at many times, receive Schoology Courses corresponding to the activity they’re involved in. They may receive updates on fellow team members, which should be checked immediately.

Students can greatly increase their school email awareness by changing a few simple habits without getting inundated with unnecessary information. To stay updated with their school emails, they can add their email to their phones, set alerts when one arrives and more. Checking one’s email is essential to staying connected with assignments and teachers concerns.

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Students should prioritize their emails