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Students showcase 30 plays in less than an hour-free pizza

Kayleigh Padar

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30 NeoFuturist Plays from Too Much Light Makes The Baby Go Blind (30 plays in 60 minutes) will be premiering at 7pm on Jan. 26, 27, and 28 in the Black Box theater.

“I liked the speediness of the show. There’s not enough time for the audiences emotions to set in because it’s fast paced and there’s a lot of unexpected things within each play,” junior actor Gavin Cryderman said.

The show consists of thirty shows performed in sixty minutes. The show is a creation of the Neo-Futurism movement, by Greg Allen. This movement creates plays in which the characters are simply the actors and the stage is a continuation of daily life.

In this particular show, audience members choose which plays they would like to see and the actors race against the timer to try and perform them.

“Basically the play right now incapsulates my entire life,” senior actor Ronan Collins said, referring to the pace of the play and his life, “everything revolves around the play. Everything is ‘can I get to rehearsal?’ ‘how can we perfect it?’ I’m really excited to show all the work we’ve put in.”

Due to the total unpredictability of the show, every single member of the production has been working hard to try and account for every possible situation. “We’ve been working a lot in the lights because it’s hard to program everything. There’s no set order of cues. They come and go as the audience picks. We’re never prepared,” sophomore and tech crew member Lily Muller said.

It isn’t just the tech crew that has been working harder than usual. “The show’s hard, and it pushes you to be a better actor. It’s a very bare bones set and you’re not being a character you’re being yourself. It puts your acting abilities to the test. It’s a very organic and natural experience.” Cryderman said.

“The organic nature of the show is only going to happen in that moment. The cool part of it is that the audience is almost a part of the show. There is this beautiful give and take from the audience and the actors and it’s a very unique theatre experience,” director and English teacher Lara Becker said.

The last showing is tonight at 7pm. Tickets are $7.

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Students showcase 30 plays in less than an hour-free pizza