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“Wave One” of Mayer album builds excitement

Zoe Strozewski

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A week ago singer-songwriter John Mayer hadn’t released a single studio album since 2013. This changed when he gifted “The Search for Everything-Wave One” to his fans early on Friday morning.

“The Search for Everything-Wave One” features four songs penned and performed by Mayer. This collection, however, is only “Wave One” and Mayer will be gradually releasing more installments to his album in time.

The album includes the songs “Moving On and Getting Over,” “Changing,” “Love on the Weekend,” and “You’re Gonna Live Forever in Me.”

“Love on the Weekend” was actually released earlier on November 17 of 2016 and it’s undoubtedly the star of the collection. The song is a smooth blend of soft pop, Mayer’s stellar vocals, and standout production.

The only other noteworthy song in the collection is “Changing.” At the beginning, this track makes it sound like a slow ballad, but at about 90 seconds in, it transforms into another soft pop hit accompanied by beautiful piano and guitar work.

Overall the album was good but not lifechanging. None of the songs will go down in music history but they were definitely enjoyable to listen to. The album was no “Abbey Road,” but it definitely left me intrigued and waiting for the other waves.

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“Wave One” of Mayer album builds excitement