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Student excels at unusual hobby

Andrea Cannon

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Many students compete in high school athletics. Some do a club or travel sports team outside of school. And then some do both. Senior Olivia Basis plays varsity soccer for our high school team and she also competes in equestrain competitions. An equestrian is someone who rides horses seriously as a sport or hobby.

Basis became an equestrian because her grandma used to be one. She practices at her stable in Sleepy Hollow, Illinois and competes on the weekends.

“A competition is riders bringing their horses to a different barn and competiing at the flat or jumping with other riders in the same division.” said Basis.

Basis and her horse, Wade, have been competing together for five years and she plans to continue being an equestrian and riding in college.

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The student news site of John Hersey High School
Student excels at unusual hobby