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“A Dog’s Purpose” makes a spectacular statement on and off screens

Ellen, Editorial Board

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I’ve never been one to love animals. I know, it sounds brutal. I like dogs, but I wouldn’t say I’m one with dogs. So, when I picked up this book I surprised myself. “A Dog’s Purpose” is beyond genius.

I recently saw the trailer for the film that is coming out because of the book’s success. From seeing the trailer, my heart was warm. I then looked into the book and was delighted that an author had been so creative. W. Bruce Cameron, the genius behind “A Dog’s Purpose” and its sequel, “A Dog’s Journey”, brilliantly wrote the book from a dog’s point of view. The book is a dog’s journey through its many lives, as he/she’s soul is reincarnated to many lives and purposes.

The dog’s point of view is genius, because we all know how our dogs our always around, yet we are all subconsciously curious of what our dogs know.

The author hilariously writes about the little things the dog thinks of, for example the dog hates when it’s people leave for work our school, so he’ll chew up the house for fun. I love the section of the book where the puppy is so confused as to why the family is freaking out over him “releasing himself” on the floor. Those little hilarious tidbits of a dog’s mind is what keeps the book interesting.

No book is without its emotion. The dog has multiple lives and throughout his/her lives she was finding who he/she was. Whether it was protecting a boy, or saving people as a police dog that was all an underlying meaning. The entire book was about love. The dog is entirely, subliminally suggesting love upon these owners, and that is the beauty of this book.

I am beyond excited for this book to take the big screens. Nothing goes better with a great novel than some amazing music and beautiful people to take over the imagination of the story.

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“A Dog’s Purpose” makes a spectacular statement on and off screens