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Journalism 1 student recommends elective

Max Svienty

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The world is ever changing with the use of technology and the internet, but the newspaper has been long lasting. Newspapers have been around for centuries, and they are‍ here to stay.

Devices such as cameras, iPads, and computers are used in class. Students will also learn how to use Indesign and Photoshop to make newspaper templates and edit photos. Indesign is a very handy and important skill to have. Indesign is the easiest and most effective way to layout a newspaper.

It is used in a school and a professional environment. I will never forget when Janet Levin, the newspaper adviser, told our class that former students have been hired because they knew how to use Indesign.

Even if a student does not plan on going into a journalistic or newspaper career, journalistic writing one still creates a basic foundation for many skills across different job fields. The biggest skill learned in this class is interviewing. The class touches on being interviewed and interviewing others. In order to get any job being interviewed is required.

There may also come a day when a student is hiring someone for a job, and needs to conduct an interview. Journalistic writing one can help not only with interviewing for a story, but also job interviewing and other types of interviewing.

If a student is interested in journalism or becoming a journalist, this class is a wonderful way to start. The class teaches all the basics of journalistic writing. Students will write different kinds of stories and see the essentials of what it takes to make a newspaper.

After journalistic writing one, students can take journalistic writing two, which is all about writing, editing, and printing the school newspaper.

After taking journalistic writing one, I feel more prepared for other school subjects and for different career opportunities. I would highly recommend that students take this class, even if they do not plan on going into a journalistic field.




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Journalism 1 student recommends elective