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Sneh Pandya

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Election season is over, so now it’s time to go back to our daily routine void of all politics and controversy, right? No. American democracy is a beautiful thing, revolutionary in idea and that it has existed for as long as it has, combatting opposing ideologies within and outside of the United States.

However, it’s no secret that democracy is not easy. Especially today, seeing opposing parties agree and cooperate is uncommon, and people are aware more now than ever before that our politics are messy and bloody, a fight that no one wants to take part of.

But yet, it is our duty as Americans, so blessed to live in a society that lets us vote, to dedicate ourselves to the gears of democracy not in four year intervals, but in a constant consciousness.

It is morally wrong to dedicate oneself to politics only when a major election comes around. Our democracy is always working, always debating, always creating, and one of the fundamental reasons that it is not as productive as the idealist American wants it to be is because that very person is the one who only catches up on politics during the election season. Our democracy is only as productive as the people who participate in it.

In order to maximize the most out of Trump’s presidency, regardless if Democratic or Republican, for legalization of marijuana or against, proponent of the second amendment or not, we need to be consistently informed on current events and politics and vote whenever possible. And this does not mean just the presidential election, for it’s a little known fact that the most direct affects that politics have on our lives occurs not on the national scale, but on local and state scales.

Be thankful for America. I may sound paternal, but students–all citizens in fact–need to put aside whatever cynicism they may have for our country and be active citizens. For most of our species’ time on this planet, we were governed by kings and gods, patriarchs and matriarchs, even spirits in nature or objects believed to be vested with divine power.

Democracy is not normal; it’s a new, revolutionary idea existing in a world that has tried to banish it from existence. We need to nurture it, provide for it, and participate in it to ensure that future Americans can reap the same benefits that we do in this system of government.

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Stay involved in politics