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AP Bio has another stellar year

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Every year, Dawn Barry’s class is a phenomenal participant in the food drive. Thousands of cans pass through her room over the course of a couple of weeks, and her class has immense pride in the amazing determination they put forth over a course of a few weeks.

This year was no different. The process began about three weeks before the food drive commenced: students started bringing in a few cans from their homes and from “ALDI” (the-go to for all things can related). But that wasn’t enough; bag n’ tag played a major role to reach the class’ goal. They divided and organized their assigned areas so the process was carried out efficiently. As soon as SOS club gave the go ahead, Barry’s students plagued the neighborhoods withs bags.

On pick up day, as soon as the 2:50 bell rang, the class prepares themselves for a pretty rough road ahead. Thousands of cans are going to be picked up in the next couple of hours, so students need to be ready for some heavy lifting.  “The amount of people that came out for bag n’ tag was fantastic. It made it go by so much faster,” senior Remy Grew said. After scavenging the neighborhoods for any sight of cans the donations were brought back to the school and taken to the classroom where they could be sorted. The next few hours were hectic as products were sorted, a few cans dropped, and boxes filled, taped, and stacked.

The last few vegetables, fruits, and beans were bought with class donations for the final day, as the total amount of cans collected was recorded for another successful year.  “Overall the experience was very humbling. We got to work after school with classmates, and it was all for a great cause,” senior Erin Putsch said.  The annual food drive that our school produces is a true honor to experience, and Mrs. Barry’s initiative and avid participation in the event is a major contributor to its success and positive impact.

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AP Bio has another stellar year