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2016-2017 Staff

Kayleigh Padar

Editorial Board

I'm a sophomore and I've been on staff for one year. I buy a lot of scented candles that I never use and I'm very good at Mario Kart. My favorite thing about the Correspondent is all the people I've gotten to meet through it.

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Jennifer Lechowski

News Editor

I'm a junior and I've been on staff for two years now. I love to travel and do adventurous stuff. I also enjoy going to the beach, making s'mores and shopping. One thing I like about the Correspondent is how everybody helps...

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Lexi Wachal

Executive Board

I am a senior and this is my second year on staff. I like yoga, coffee, and properly used commas.

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Joshua Irvine

Managing Editor

I am a junior and managing and online editor of the Correspondent, as well as the resident movie critic and the writer of The Colorful Take, the comedy segment that does its absolute best to compromise this paper's First Amendmen...

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Andrea Cannon

Zoom In Editor

I am a junior this year and this is my second year on staff. In my free time, I enjoy playing basketball and spending money on food. One reason I love The Correspondent is because it is such a destressor from all the craziest...

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Sneh Pandya


Hi.  I like taco bell and taking pictures.

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Jamie Anderluh

Executive Board

I'm a junior, and I've been on staff for two years. I like yoga and skirts and food.

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Jordan Slonke

Opinions Editor

I am a senior. I've been on the Correspondent on and off for three years now. If you need to know anything about professional wrestling, I'm your go-to guy. I'm going to be the second Hersey graduate to make it into the WWE alongside...

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Gracie Scannell

Entertainment Editor

Junior member of the staff, and entertainment editor for the correspondent. I really love animals horror movies and Mac and cheese . I'm on the speech team, book club, and aquatic life conservatory club. I'm super excited fo...

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Claire Durand

Entertainment Editor

As a junior, this is my second year on the Correspondent. I love to run cross country and especially the one mile in track. The Correspondent allows me to expand my teamwork and editting skills. I've learned how to create eye-catching...

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Ellen Bakal

Executive Board

I'm a senior. I've been on the staff for three years now. I sometimes enjoy running, but always enjoy the CORRE! My favorite part about our newspaper is the way our staff has became a family. And my favorite way that we've became...

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Kelly McCarthy


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Zoe Strozewski

Editorial Board

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Danielle Eriksson

Executive Board

I am a senior and this is my third year on staff. I enjoy competitive waterskiing during the summer. I love writing for the Correspondent and growing as a storyteller all while spending time with some of my most favorite people! ht...

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Nate Horne

Editorial Board

I'm a junior and it is my second year on staff. An interesting fact about me is that I'm passionate about music as well as the fact that I'm a musician of 6 different instruments. My favorite part about The Correspondent is the...

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