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Respect the subs

Heidi Freitag
May 14, 2015
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Over the years, I have seen good and bad when it comes to substitute teachers. I understand that some substitutes might not be the 'ideal teacher,' but they are there to fill in for the original teacher. Some subs might be weirder than others or not even know what's going on in the classroom, but it...

I’m infiltrating the boys club

February 15, 2015
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Every seventh hour in room 118, the journalism room, I sit amongst banter about basketball, some current events, basketball, blockbusters, basketball, and more basketball. Sometimes, the topic is blockbusters about basketball! On some days I feel attentive enough to contribute to the banter, and when...

Keep bias out of music taste

Keep bias out of music taste

January 30, 2015
Filed under Dissin' & Dishin'

My sixth hour class. I think it was a Wednesday, but don't quote me on that. It was that little time period between the bell ringing for class to start and the teacher actually getting up in front of everyone and teaching. I was talking with the person behind me: let's call her Joanne Doe. It just so ...

School Schedule

Mark Milligan
January 19, 2015
Filed under Speak Up

Beginning in the 2016-2017 school year, all District 211 schools will have first semester finals before winter break. The school board voted to approve this change which would cause schools to begin earlier in August and to end before Memorial day. This is a change that should be adapted by District...

Students should take advantage of finals resources

Caitlin Strozewski
January 11, 2015
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With finals this week, students will prepare to be tested on everything they have learned this semester. Although most teachers hope that students have been preparing for a few weeks, most will begin the cramming over the next few days. Although studying from home can be effective, students should...

Open carry should be concealed

Mark Milligan
December 15, 2014
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Fox News reports that Texas is considering expanding gun rights in the state by enacting an “open carry” law. This would allow gun owners with valid permits to carry their guns openly.  Texas would join about 30 states that currently allow open carry. This just seems completely shocking primarily...

Modern day heroes provide smiles all around

Danielle Eriksson
December 15, 2014
Filed under Speak Up

The people who go out of their way in an acts of kindness and care are exactly what the world needs more of. These are the people who will do something such as stick up for a kid getting bullied, compliment some one they don't know, or just go out of their way to put a smile on some one's face. I like...

Honesty not always the best policy

Drew Snelson, Executive Board
December 13, 2014
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Everybody can recite the phrase, a simple one that mothers use time and again as words of wisdom: "a little white lie never hurt anybody." In television and film, this usually prefaces high jinks and hilarious misunderstandings, however, a white lie, or possibly even a larger lie (a blue lie?), can be...

Jump off the bandwagon

December 12, 2014
Filed under Dissin' & Dishin'

The power of television and internet to spread the word on big issues is mind-boggling when compared to just ten years ago. With reporters more than happy to camp out and record everything and anything, it becomes a hassle when we can’t seem to grab the more alluding facts, and it may be more frustrating...

The CorreCast Episode 4- Ferguson, Adrian Peterson, and the canned food drive round out this week’s news

Brian Boyle, Editor-in-Chief
November 21, 2014
Filed under Audio, Online only, Opinions

This week, editors Dino Ljubijankic, Tim Griffin, Isabella Murray, and Drew Snelson join host Brian Boyle and discuss the weeks biggest news stories. Topics include Ferguson, record cold weather, and Hersey's canned food drive.

Clash of cultures clutters student’s clarity

November 14, 2014
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While on a mini-vacation in Washington D.C., the party I was traveling with stopped by the Newseum, a museum that deals with, not only journalism, but the major stories of the recent century. Between the powerful 9/11 exhibit and the oddly-placed Ron Burgundy area, I noticed a specific exhibit that ...

Students should take advantage of city proximity

Zoe Strozewski
November 4, 2014
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Every Friday in the halls, I hear students complain about the fact that there is "nothing to do around here." Students blame their boredom on the fact we live in the suburbs. However, students don't realize how lucky they are to be only a train ride away from one of the biggest cities in the nation....

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